Happy Mother's Day

I started today as usual, with my morning dog walk. I ran into my neighbor Susann walking her dog. She apologized for walking her dog in her nightgown, but she had just opened a Mother's Day gift from her daughter, a scarf, and it matched perfectly with her nightgown. Throw caution to the wind, wear your nightgown, to all the women of style out there... a very Happy Mother's Day!


May Flowers

Many things have changed since this ad appeared in the Spring of 1995.  I remember waiting impatiently for the rain to stop so I could get outside and start shooting!  This weekend , SATURDAY MAY 6, and SUNDAY MAY 7 has lots of openings. I'm still shooting the Spring Special, still making wonderful memories for your families, and still putting out the best images out there. Thank you again, for all of your support.


Please note the expiration date on the above. Prices have increased to $250.00 for this session.

Please note the expiration date on the above. Prices have increased to $250.00 for this session.

The Iceman Cometh

The sun has come out and the harsh shadows of the midday sun are better suited to objects left behind by the snowstorm. #nikonusa, #chicagoparkdistrict, #natgeoyourshot



Don't forget the food!

I always try to keep it interesting by mixing it up.  And yes, I love to shoot food. In today's social media savvy world you need to have interesting and expert eyes on your culinary creations, especially when I'm already photographing your event.


International Women's Day

Here are a few of the women that I've had the pleasure of photographing. I hope they serve as an inspiration to you on this #internationalwomensday

And if someone calls you a dreamer, take it as a compliment. 


Coffee Table Books

I've made hundreds of coffee table books displaying your family's favorite Barb Levant Photos from special events as well as from archives. 

     After 23 years my supplier and publisher for these books will close their doors.   If you would like to reorder or purchase the digital version of these books please contact me.  The price is $250.00/download.

     After April 30 I will continue to publish your precious memories using a different publishing service. 



Here is a sampling of some of the coolest working women that I know. Thank you for letting me put your best faces forward.  I'll be out in Los Angeles shooting headshots, as well as other assorted portraits including families and dogs soon!


Rainbow Bridge

How much fun is it to watch the lights on the Rainbow Bridge at O'Hare ? #travelbug is biting


the moving walkway is never coming to an end

the moving walkway is never coming to an end

The Weatherman

Some of my best images ever have been shot on cloudy days!  So thank your local weatherman and make an appointment today!

There has been lots of talk lately about #Natural Light, and  #Low Depth shooting.  A really good photographer should have the skill to shoot  the full range of the equipment capability.  Talk to me today about your preferences.  Why limit yourself ?  Visit ANY of my galleries to see examples of a range of depth from extremely low to extremely high.  And as always , ENJOY !!!!